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Working with our team, we are well equipped to handle any demolition project within the five boroughs. While handling all types of demolitions projects, we are knowledgeable and experienced to complete any project in the most efficient way. There is no project our team can’t accomplish.

With Vera Carting Corp, our demolition team is positioned to take care of any and all requests. We are geared with the best team and equipment to handle any project with excellent building management and planning skills. Vera Carting Corp ensures our hard work and commitment is safe, exemplary and above all satisfactory.

Planning a project begins with an idea, let us assist you. With our experienced crew and our advanced equipment, we are ready to drill and transform your environment into a safe working place to begin building.

Excavation is a key component to construction. Our planning and earthwork techniques make it ideal for any project’s advancement. We strive for safety and efficiency while ensuring that all your project needs are met.

We got you covered. With deep excavation, shoring can provide you with a strong base to support your foundation and the safety of nearby or adjacent structures. With our skill and recognition, we provide your project with all the support needed to promote a safe working environment.

With every project a strong foundation is key. With our knowledge Vera Carting Corp understands how the ground works. We specialize in many forms of foundation such as Step Footing, Matt Footing, Grade Beam Footing and much more. You can rest assured, our work for over 20 years promotes quality service and accountability. Above all, safety.

With a vision and a dream to excel to new heights, we are positioned to take any project to the sky with our expertise in superstructures. Our experience with Concrete and steel reinforcement, we are ready to take your project to a higher level.

With our advanced technology, our crew are trained to diagnose any error and prevent any misreads from ever happening. Our experienced engineers follow all safety protocols and enforce them to our on-field crew. We utilize our drawings and modern machinery to elevate upward efficiently and effectively.

Do you need a new sidewalk? How about extending a drive through? Vera Carting Corp has you covered. With over 15 years of experience in concrete and an experienced crew ready to tackle any task. You can be assured that any new sidewalk or extension is ready to be precisely managed and handled with the utmost safety. Our word is our commitment and our outcomes are safe and of quality.